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Almeda University Receives an "A" in Recent Review

Almeda University is making a positive impact in the marketplace according to the results of a recent internal study. The study proved that the academic recognition of capabilities from degrees earned at Almeda University resulted in greater performance and profitability, along with improved credibility in the marketplace for both the graduate and employer.

The figures showed that 92 percent of Almeda Alumni surveyed indicated that the Almeda University degree helped them either "somewhat" or "very much" in their job search or careers. The candidates also stated that they would "highly recommend" Almeda University and are "more than pleased with the services". Other figures echoed the same high ratings in other categories including Customer Support and Satisfaction with Claims, but more importantly in the category of Customer Loyalty. This is a true indicator of success for any company, as many graduates also commented that they are going back to upgrade their degree, and some are boasting an employer position with Almeda employees.

What these figures mean is that these graduates have generated an intellectual upswing that has raised them to a higher level in their respective career situations. It follows that their employers would receive the rewards of greater productivity and their communities would experience greater economic stability. On a larger statistical scale these figures would reveal that the country is experiencing a more dynamic and independent population with less financial oppression and hardship. As the world seeks to find answers to new problems, more and more graduates are able to enter into that arena and offer their solutions, because a degree has placed them in that work place.

The benefits of attaining an online college degree are numerous and they revolve around successes, accomplishments, accolades and much kudos. Receiving a degree is a life-changing experience that allows for greater financial freedom and the ability to enjoy it in a timeless manner. Almeda is the catalyst for thousands of graduates to move up the high life scale and this study certainly proves it. Almeda University offers a solid alternative to traditional post-secondary institutions by pairing degrees with years of experience to produce eminently qualified, superior-quality employees.

The core traits that Almeda graduates offer to employers are experience, practical skills, professionalism, teamwork, and leadership. A review of the comments of this study reveal that they also offer other hard-to-find personality traits such as integrity, loyalty, resourcefulness, and synergism. It is easy to deduce that employees with a combination of these kinds of traits would cause any company to excel to become a valuable and lucrative establishment.

Almeda University is an online institute that has been serving the international community since its inception in 1997. Over the past 10 years, Almeda has evolved to educate an expanding population through cutting edge curriculum design based on our students' needs and professional service.

Wes Thompson
Almeda University

Almeda University Attacked: Foundation Unaffected

Anyone who has searched Almeda University in Google over the past few days would have found two things - one, the page is locked for further edition and second, the content is almost entirely untrue.

The top ten pages in Google show a forum where Almeda is lashed out so much that were it human; it would have had a heart attack out of sheer agony. Why this lashing at life experience degrees and Almeda?

Has anyone thought, they are lashing out at Almeda like this, why has Almeda not sued any one yet? Why has Almeda not filed a lawsuit against the forums and Wikipedia? Simply put, Almeda is a learning centre with learned minds.

There is no reason to complain, when your stats speak for you. Years of above par customer care, scores of satisfied alumni, hundreds of emails every day, a flourishing business - why should Almeda care about those who know nothing about it?

Rather than fighting lawsuits, Almeda prefers focusing on its core competencies - customer care, student-oriented programs, and holding a high reputation.

The way the critics have lashed out at Almeda is classic - try it against Microsoft, will you? And be prepared for the outcome. It is an open invitation to all - come, experience the standards of Almeda, and then assess with an open mind - is Almeda really what you think it is?

Is Almeda really that bad as you have made it to appear? Since its inception, Almeda has been the fulcrum of such attacks. Almeda has stood strong - students believe in Almeda, those who graduate from the place and those who are now successful because of the degree swear by Almeda.

That is all the trust that Almeda needs to continue functioning among the river of smut.

Envious of Almeda University’s Online Education Success, Black Hatters Post False Almeda University Reviews, Saying Almeda is a SCAM

Almeda University, one of the top online schools on the planet, has been bombarded with serious accusations of fraud and scam. Sadly, most of these false claims have been trying to destroy this reputable institution in their Almeda reviews. But who are these people?

Most negative feedback posted on the web about Almeda is from competitors. These fraud spinners have been destroying this credible institution in their Almeda University reviews. Many of them are spreading rumors that Almeda isn't accredited at all.

These online scammers are claiming that this school offers fake diplomas to its students all over the world. How on earth can they claim such a thing without even spending a minute researching this issue?
Let's Get It Straight!

To make things clear and stop the illusions they are spreading in their negative reviews, let us get it straight. It is unfair to say that Almeda is another DIPLOMA MILL AND is a SCAM because it is accredited.
Don't they know that this online institution has even surpassed the standards of other top-certifying organizations? Well, no wonder! What do they know about ACCREDITATION? They do not have any.

Here's the truth:

With the school's commitment to provide online students with real degrees to help them prosper and improve their life, it has received the blessing and approval of top-certifying organizations like:

  • CDEA (Committee for Distance Education). A strict certifying body, it has given its accreditation to Almeda University because of the latter's commitment to high educational achievement as an online institution.
  • AOAEX (Association for Online Academic Excellence). This private organization, has according to its Almeda reviews, awarded its well-coveted accreditation to Almeda University because of its well-qualified and above standard educational system.
  • IEM (Interfaith Education Ministries). This body assesses and certifies an online school when it has passed credentials and standards of quality regarding online education. This organization was part of UNESCO's Higher Education Institutions Registry.

Now, what?

From these University reviews, you'll see how different the school is from its competitors, and unlike them, Almeda University works towards educational excellence and never spreads rumors about its competitors.
Sad, but true that legitimate schools like Almeda University has been the target of dirty marketing tactics of fake online schools. It is depressing to know that a legal school like Almeda University has been used by scam schools online for their marketing campaign.

As a wise student, you should never get fooled by these fake schools even if they post negative Almeda University reviews online. These scammers are just waiting for another unaware student to fall into their trap. Don't be one of their chosen ones!

Be wise enough to avoid them and instead read Almeda University reviews thoughtfully before jumping to conclusions. Almeda is accredited. End of story.

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All about Almeda University

When it comes to online degrees, you want to be sure that you are using some of the best options out there. One of the best schools that you can take a look at for an online university is Almeda University. This is a great school and definitely one that you should be taking a look at.

What is Almeda University?

It is a great school that offers a ton of great online degrees. You can do everything at this online University from getting a certificate program to your associate degree, bachelor degree, or masters degree. All of these levels are available. There are many people today that are able to get their degrees today through the distance learning that Almeda University offers.

What Degree Programs Do They Offer?

There are many different degree programs that Almeda University offers. Depending on what you want, you are going to find that you have a lot of great choices. In terms of associate degree programs, bachelors, and masters degree choices, you have a lot of them. You will be able to choose from many different online degrees and get that degree that you were hoping for and that you were looking for. There are also some great e-learning options out there that you can check out and try out and see what you think about those.

How do you Apply?

It is easy to apply to Almeda University; they make the process really easy for getting online degrees. First, you are going to want to fill out an application. You want to make sure that with any of the online applications you fill out for an online college is complete and accurate. With Almeda University, the online college application that you are looking at will be scrutinized and will be looked at, if they feel that you have the experience and the skills in the area that you are looking to study, they will offer you admission.

If you want to get online degrees, a great place to look is Almeda University. What you will find with this online University is that you will get some great options out there and there are nearly 1000 classes that you can take. This makes the sky the limit when it comes to your learning ability. You want to make sure that you are looking into this school when you are trying to choose the online college that is the best choice for you.

Almeda University offers a wide variety of online degrees visit our website at for more information

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College Degrees Have Most Economical Potential

College Degrees Have Most Economical Potential
By Wes Thompson

According to a recent Yahoo News article by Chris Kyle, the four degrees which hold the most potential economically for the next four years are health care degrees, business degrees, education degrees and technological degrees. The problem with this is that with traditional education, it costs money to get the education to be able to obtain these degrees and most graduates find themselves to be so deep in the hole financially upon graduation that it realistically seems as if it will take them years to crawl out of that hole before they can even begin to think of benefiting financially from their education.

Many proven leaders in the online educational field concentrate on the students and how best to assist them in achieving the highest levels possible in the most economical ways. They offer students the opportunities to take advantage of what they have learned through the benefit of life experiences. Potential students are given the opportunity to take advantage of life experiences and to turn these experiences into educational credits. They also offer a higher education at a significantly lower price.

Students are offered the opportunity to earn degrees which potential employers are seeking at prices which can be fitted into the student's present budget. Its students the opportunity to graduate with both the knowledge and the financial position to begin to benefit from their education immediately.

Students who have the benefit of life experience are already steps ahead of their traditional education counterparts. Being able to turn these life experiences into school credits is also turning them into financial benefits. They don't have to pay to learn what they already know and to take it one step further, if their life experiences were job related, they got paid to learn. Don't just take what the creators have to say about their establishment, read for yourself what graduates have to say about their education.

To refer back to the Yahoo News article and the four degrees considered to hold the most potential for the next four years, health care degrees, business degrees, educational degrees and technological degrees, online universities offer opportunities to study in various areas of all of these fields.

Although there are those who view online degrees as simply "diploma mills", designated to earn their creators money for generating worthless pieces of paper, it is important to note that many online universities are accredited by private educational authorities, including the Interfaith Education Ministries and the Association for Online Academic Excellence. And, many have been awarded membership in the National Association of Academic Online Assessors (NAOAA).

Almeda University

Almeda University educates and provides online Life Experience Degrees at Associate level, Bachelor level, and Master level.

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Online Degrees - Almeda University And The Wikipedia Scoff

Online Degrees - Almeda University And The Wikipedia Scoff
By Shubhanyu Jain

Any new shoot that comes out of the soil has to face hardships to gain a strong foothold. Almeda University is no exception. Almeda, with its unique 'life experience degrees' has created quite a stir in the industry since its inception in 1997.
Oh ok, isn't this the Almeda University who has been bad-mouthed a lot in the media and on the internet through various forums and Wikipedia? Yes, it is. Want to know some hardcore facts? Read on.

What's the Hype About?

Well, the hype is all about Almeda University offering degrees to its students. Isn't that what a university is supposed to do? So what's the hype for? Interesting question and a highly practical one!
Practical? Of Course! The hype is all about practicality. The hype is all about going the yet untraded path.

Facts about Almeda University

Contrary to what you may read elsewhere, here is a list of simple facts which should serve as an eye-opener. These facts should also assist you in deciding whether Almeda University is your neighborhood 'diploma mill' or a proper institution run by professionals.
For starters, the intake age is between 35 and 54, with the average Almeda graduate standing tall at 41 years of age. I am prepared to bet on it that you did not know this simple fact - because it has been conspicuously kept from you. Why?

For it blatantly means that Almeda degrees are not for everyone - they are designed for a very specific clientele in mind. And that clientele is such that it poses no threat to Almeda's competitors.

The word 'practical' is of consequence - it is the only word of essence to what Almeda does. You are given a degree based on your actual 'practical' experience - not your theoretical knowledge. Your skills are assessed not by words but you are required to prove your skills.

And this 'practical' experience is recognized by means of awarding you a 'degree'. To show the world that yes, you have the practical experience required for some jobs. That is why Almeda degrees are not accepted in public sector jobs.

Hold it! Yes, that is another fact hidden from you by the critics, and you are made aware of it in a way which makes you feel Almeda doesn't want you to know it. Quite contrarily, Almeda clearly states on its website that Almeda degrees are not for any and everyone and that these degrees are invalid for public sector jobs - but the critics lash out at Almeda saying that these degrees do not work with public sector jobs.

Think about it, they make it sound like that's a bad thing; they make it sound as if Almeda hides this piece of information from you. In reality, it does not.

I would suggest, and you may not be able to counter my suggestion - if you have ANY hunch regarding Almeda, let the solution come straight from the horse's mouth rather than hearing to the people on the internet or your neighborhood - let the Almeda Customer Care help you. Why?

Because Almeda is here for business. And they know that business can not be done by fooling customers. They will give you the most accurate information.

And why not regard the opinions on the forums and Wikipedia? Simply because people are opinionated! It is an old saying, only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. Only an Almeda graduate knows how his prospects have changed after getting the degree - the degree enjoys acceptance in 67% of the corporates.

How would those people who have never known about Almeda know what it feels like? How would they know about the superior refund policies offered by Almeda? Ask the person who got his fees back, not those who are sitting and blurting anything.

Isn't it getting long? Let's stop writing here, and let's start thinking instead.

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Almeda University Report - College Savings Plans Are Not Making the Grade

Almeda University Report - College Savings Plans Are Not Making the Grade
By Wes Thompson

With college tuition rates rising and the cost of obtaining a college degree getting further and further from reach, once praised college savings plans are now not making the grade. Almeda University reports that a new first time view of the economic downturn could greatly affect the population's education and be devastating to the savings plans.

The report finds that an expected 18% or more in spending cuts across the private and government sectors over the next couple of years will greatly affect the industry and many savings plans. Many of the so called guaranteed plans are fizzling as the costs continue to increase as a result of the financial markets meltdown in 2008. Some tuition plans have stopped accepting new applicants, reduced payouts or removed the guarantee all together. Reports of these prepaid plans are now in trouble looking for alternatives such as new private investors and asking their state legislative for bailouts to cover expected shortfalls in the programs.

Potential students, parents and advancing career workers are changing their focus and considering more affordable, more achievable educational goals. With the advancement of technology and the explosion of the internet, more and more institutions are reducing costs by offering online classes and degree programs. This allows them to operate at lower costs and higher margins making up some of the difference in the massive deficits they are experiencing.

Various "guaranteed" college savings plans are now providing less than parents and students expected as a result of escalating tuition costs, fees and the economic downturn's effect on the US markets. Turing to an online solution is not only an economical solution to the crisis but also as a faster and easier means of getting that long desired college degree. Many are offering this as a life experience degree online based on ones skills, experience, college credits and more.

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Life Experience Degrees Are Becoming More Popular

Life Experience Degrees Are Becoming More Popular
By Walter Messner

Life experience degrees provide students with a perfect answer to the questions of what to do when facing a career change due to their own choice or if it is forced upon them. Fortunately, in this situation, unlike traditional degrees, students will not be burdened at this time of high stress with the additional pressure of the great financial outlay by choosing to get a degree based on experience. Additionally, students who decide to get a degree based on their work experience can do this anywhere, including their homes, without being required to be away from their family or spend great sums on school boarding.

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Reaching for the Stars by Means of Accredited Life Experience Degree

Reaching for the Stars by Means of Accredited Life Experience Degree
By Gregor Nau

What does it take to get an accredited life experience degree? Have you ever faced the problem of being ignored by your potential employer due to the lack of credentials? If you are appeared to have been at a loose end, a life experience degree will be exactly the thing, which you can't dispense with.

Usually it is thought that experience doesn't matter a lot in different cases, but this suggestion doesn't refer to the working environment, where it plays a paramount role in your promotion. Today more and more people are ready to pay for this certificate, which you can purchase at many online universities. To the first sight it may seem strangely, but you can do nothing except obtaining a life experience degree.

Accredited Life Experience Degree - How to Obtain One From a Reputable Institution

Accredited Life Experience Degree - How to Obtain One From a Reputable Institution
By Lambodar Sahu

Don't be fooled when you are looking for an accredited life experience degree. Some accredited colleges and universities do allow you to earn credit for life-experiences, but they do not allow you to earn your entire degree through experiences.

You cannot earn an accredited life experience degree based only on your life-experiences. Some learning programs consider students' real experience and grant credits accordingly. There is some on-campus and online universities that offer students credit reductions for proven work experience and knowledge in a relevant field. The degree is mostly used as a search tool for a job and is not as impressive as the traditional degree.